AWS CloudWatch Agent installation and configuration steps

ls -al /
cd /opt
sudo mkdir dummylogscd dummylogs
sudo touch myapp.logsudo nano myapp.log
sudo yum install amazon-cloudwatch-agent
sudo /opt/aws/amazon-cloudwatch-agent/bin/amazon-cloudwatch-agent-config-wizard

Please check the above content of the config.

The config file is also located at /opt/aws/amazon-cloudwatch-agent/bin/config.json.

Edit it manually if needed.

sudo /opt/aws/amazon-cloudwatch-agent/bin/amazon-cloudwatch-agent-ctl -m ec2 -a status


“status”: “stopped”,

“starttime”: “”,

“configstatus”: “not configured”,

“cwoc_status”: “stopped”,

“cwoc_starttime”: “”,

“cwoc_configstatus”: “not configured”,

“version”: “1.247347.4”


sudo /opt/aws/amazon-cloudwatch-agent/bin/amazon-cloudwatch-agent-ctl -a fetch-config -m ec2 -s -c file:/opt/aws/amazon-cloudwatch-agent/bin/config.json

Configuration validation first phase succeeded

/opt/aws/amazon-cloudwatch-agent/bin/amazon-cloudwatch-agent -schematest -config /opt/aws/amazon-cloudwatch-agent/etc/amazon-cloudwatch-agent.toml

Configuration validation second phase succeeded

Configuration validation succeeded

sudo /opt/aws/amazon-cloudwatch-agent/bin/amazon-cloudwatch-agent-ctl -m ec2 -a status
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